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Whistleblowing , Stop it before it spreads. Report wrongdoings anonymously.
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Our Application

What is Whistleblowing

The whistleblowing system is a system made for issues to be reported by an anonymous user. The user should still be unknown to give him/her the trust to report whatever he has. There is a screen for the admin with the whole issues sent by the anonymous user to be traced and replied by the admin directly to the case. The unknown user can follow up on the cases he has and replying updates of the case he added and replied by the admin.

Why Choose us

System Features

Learn about the features of the Whistleblowing system . 

New Layout UX-UI

We used our 16 years of web application experience to enhance the UX and UI to be easier and smarter.

Social Media Look & Feel

To maintain the ease of use and friendly look and feel we preferred the Social media look and feel to be easy for the whole system users as the system is designed to work with the whole staff not only the Admin users.

Intelligence Dashboards

Whistle Blowing App will show you real-time charts and data to help you make your decision correctly in a suitable time and based on real data.

Arabic Language Enabled

The Arabic language is important in the MEA & Gulf region so the system is completely localized to Arabic besides the English with an option to localize to the French and more languages if needed.

Notification Center

Its contain three main automatic notification types. System notifications, Email notifications, and SMS integrated notifications.


Your applications are built to be integrated with any other applications or Databases. We believe that we are completing each other.

Data Security

The data is secured under RSA 256 data encryption with data masking in Database.

Mobile App Self-Serve

It was essential to design CloudSoft Apps with its new unique and smart design to be mobile responsive….. Now you can follow up your company anywhere, anytime,… Just from your own mobile phone.

No Monitoring
No Tracking

The most important point in Whistleblowing is to let the complaint issuer feel the full trust that he is not monitored. The system is tested to avoid any tracking to the users or the complaint issuer. You are safe to say what you want. Try using the system anywhere on any device we guarantee that no tracking by any means to your complaint.

Hidden Complaint Followup

The complaint issuer has the right to silently and hiddenly track his issues using username and password for each complaint to track it and know the results of it. Not only this but also we can give more replies to the same complaint with attachments to support investigators to reach the facts based on evidence.

Who are our target customers

The target customer for a whistleblowing app can vary depending on the specific application and its focus. However, here are some general categories of potential users:





Key Features

How We Help Your business Grow

A robust whistleblowing application is a powerful tool for promoting transparency and ethical conduct within an organization. It empowers individuals to report potential wrongdoing anonymously and securely, fostering an environment where concerns can be addressed effectively. Here are key features of an effective whistleblowing application:

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